Ajon Kibreab

b. 1981, Bangkok

Chalawan, 2021

Screen print, Ink
40 x 100 cm | 18 x 40 in
This work is a unique work.
Artworks are guaranteed original with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and gallery.



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About the work

Ajon Kibreab

b. 1981, Bangkok

Ajon Kibreab (b. 1981, Bangkok) is an electrical engineer and self-taught filmmaker. His work has been shown in many international film festivals such as Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade 2012, Picture Show, NYC 2014 and Thai Short Film & Video Festival 2012. He is based in Chiang Mai.

Ajon: “I am interested in demons in the old myths. Demons like Medusa and Yaksha (ยักษ์) are still being much respected today. These demons often represent the native people and their beliefs. The story of the Thai crocodile lord called Chalawan (ชาละวัน) fascinated me. It shows how Thai people in the past believed that crocodiles have feelings. And that crocodiles and humans can develop relationships. I recreated this crocodile lord on a spirit cloth. The yantra text was improvised by an artist called Syam Yai.”